by Wearing a Plain Contact Lens for 2 Minutes

Reverse Nearsightedness

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Book Announcement

The research carried out in this book, published in August 2022, is based on the following theory:

After ortho C resets the correct neurological message, it also tends to reset the developmental process of the eye which was severed when it became myopic. An indicator of the phenomenon that it assists in the treatment is the improvement in visual acuity between follow-ups; the participant wears the lenses and perform the drill just once during the beginning of the interval. The follow-ups are scheduled to be 1 week apart, 2 weeks apart, 1 month apart, and 2 months apart. The participant will gradually wear the ortho C lens less and less. The target is to wear it once every 3 to 6 months and performed a specific drill. The intention is not necessarily to maintain the improved visual acuity but to prevent progressive myopia which is more prevalent in children.

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